Nikolay Marci is an acclaimed artist working from Novosibirk, Russia. Nikolay creates paintings in genres of fantasy and surrealism. The artist's main focus is to reveal the invisible world - given to us in sensations and emotions - and to allow the viewer to experience it with their eyes. He wants to look into deep and mystical spaces, approaching the mental border beyond which words lose their meaning. For Marci, it is not enough to be a skilled painter; to bring his art to the next level, he uses his outstanding technique to address extraordinary subjects and profound realizations. Nikolay aspires to tell the audience about rare things in this world. "I would like my art to reveal superhuman, captivating images that change consciousness", - he summarizes.

In 2018 Nikolay started a new project "Siberian Scythians" to visualize a culture, as old as the Egyptian pyramids, found in the Altai Mountains at the border of Russia and Mongolia. By combining actual artefacts of the Pazyryk archaeological culture with a fantasy perspective, the artist creates a new mythical world. In this current project, Nikolay sees his creative work as artistic research that draws from the fascinating culture and history of this region. He wants to emphasise that Siberia is a land of rich and extensive heritage, an inseparable strand in the tapestry of human civilization.

Marci's original style receives well-deserved attention. His work has been presented at international exhibitions in New York, Italy, Spain, Czechia, and Mongolia. Art Symposium in Slovakia provided inspiration to look for new artistic means. While travelling in Barcelona, Nikolay had a meeting with Salvador Dali's son. As a credit to his talent, Marci was accepted into the International Eurasian Artists Association in 2019. His works are emerging into mainstream exhibitions and international acclaim.








Academic Town. Novosibirsk city. Siberia. Russian Federation
Diploma of art, illustration and design.
Novosibirsk Pedagogical University.

Top brand-maneger and designer in
cosmetics production.

Moscow yacht school. Broadcoast skipper.

3 years experiance of art exhibions in New-York, Barselona, Palermo, Praha, Zhilina, Moskow, St-Peterurg.

Set educational program in Novosibirsk State University for art and design skills.

Partisipation in art symposium in Slovakia.

Art project to reconstruct Scythian mythology, collaboration with Siberia Arheological Institute. Personal exhibitions "Scythian Revival".

Member of EuroAsian union of artists.
Snowboard, yachting, mountain tourism
Studio location:

Novosibirsk city,
Krasny prospect 153A,
25 office,
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